Where Am I?

Rather than tell you what Sneaky Bastards is, we’re going to give you the much more exciting story of what we want it to be: the definitive hub for all things stealth gaming.

We want to be more than just a blog. We want to be a resource. A place where you can come for guidance as to where you can find your next stealth fix. A place where you can come to read about the past, present and future of a genre that needs all the love it can get. A place where you can speak up, participate and become a part of this niche. Above all, we want to be the place for stealth gaming. And we want you to be a part of it.

That is what we want Sneaky Bastards to be. We’re going to need a lot of time to grow. So, right now, this is what Sneaky Bastards is:

We review games. Just, not in the traditional sense. We review the stealth gameplay found within those games which promote it as an approach. We don’t worry about story, or graphics. We don’t put a score at the end. We just answer a simple question: is the stealth any good?

We write about stealth games, but it’s more than your typical opinion and prose. We explore stealth from a mechanical, philosphical and personal angle. We search high and low for stealth gaming experiences where you least expect them. We shed light on a genre thought dead.

We also cover stealth gaming-related news. If there’s some stealth gameplay in there, we’ll be broadcasting about it.

Our end goal is the hub – the community resource – with these written and video pieces at its core. That’s not to say you can’t participate right now, however. Register an account, and get commenting. Send us a sample if you’re as deeply in love with stealth gaming as we are. Bookmark us. Throw us in your RSS reader. Tell your friends about us.

Stealth gaming isn’t dead. But it needs you to help keep it alive.

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