Stealthjam Sydney: Day One Photo Gallery

[one_third]Check out this photo gallery from the opening presentation and first night of Stealthjam Sydney.[/one_third]

Stealthjam Sydney Co-coordinators Dan Hindes and Adrian Vergara set up the opening presentation.
Stealthjam Sydney participants watch presentations from notable stealth developers including Arkane Studios, Ubisoft Toronto, Eidos Montreal and more.
Klei Entertainment’s Nels Anderson, Lead Designer of Mark of the Ninja, scrutinises Stealthjam Sydney participants.
Lantana Games’ Dan Silvers, designer of historical stealth game Children of Liberty, delivers sneaky advice to Stealthjam Sydney jammers.
Ubisoft Toronto’s Patrick Redding, Game Director of Splinter Cell Blacklist, gives Stealthjam Sydney participants advice on where to find their sneaky inspiration.

There’s a lot of brainstorming and quick prototyping on the first evening of the Sydney Stealthjam.
Stealthjam Sydney’s participants work into the first evening of the 48-hour marathon.

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