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Daniel Hindes

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PC gaming journalist by trade, Dan grew up on Thief, Deus Ex, Splinter Cell and a lot of Apogee platformers that have nothing to do with stealth. He tries to play every game stealthily – even the ones that won’t let him – and started this website because he couldn’t find another website exactly like it.

Sean Gabriel

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The stealth genre was instrumental in creating the connoisseur of video games Sean is today. One of the earliest online communities he was a part of played the much overlooked Thievery, and since then his thirst for sneakery has never quite been quenched. Although often spotted rallying jaded gamers to his tattered banner, Sean spends his time programming and commenting fervently on the current trajectory of games design.

Justin Keverne

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Residing in the dark wilds of the north of England, Justin spends far more time than is entirely healthy playing and thinking about games. An occasional programmer, level designer and writer, he maintains that if it wasn’t for his discovery of video games he might have done something productive with his life. When he’s not pretending to make them Justin can be found playing everything from puzzle games to roleplaying games, though he does always seem to name his characters either Garrett or Viktoria.

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