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Stealth gameplay attunes itself to the thrill inherent in basic human concepts: playing the hunter, being hunted, and simply going somewhere you’re not supposed to go.


Where Am I?

Lost, dazed and a little confused? You may have just been blackjacked. But you’ve stumbled upon the one place that can tell you the best procedure for dealing with it. Lucky for you! Find out what else Sneaky Bastards can help you with, right here.


Why Stealth?

Sneaking, huh? Yep, that’s us. Waiting for the right moment to tip-toe from shadow to shadow, taking every measure to avoid the action altogether. What’s that? Wouldn’t we rather just shoot stuff and watch it blow up? Not at all – and here’s why.


Meet the Bastards

Sneaky Bastards is brought to you by an eclectic team of writers with all manner of gaming backgrounds – from press, to dev, to pure hobbyists. But one thing is common: they are stealth fanatics to the core. Shed some light on the people hiding behind the words here.


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